The rise of ‘Phoneographers’


I have this thing about phone cameras. I try not to use mine. Maybe I’m being a bit too precious, but it’s like I don’t want to end up taking what I might consider to be a great photograph but, due to the small file size, feel that I can’t really do anything with it. I suspect it has something to do with my age and the era in which I developed my photographic skills.

Of course many would disagree with me on this. I am aware that there is a whole movement of ‘Phoneographers’ out there producing nice pics. I see all the apps at work and am particularly amused by the amount of phone pics I see that have the appearance of being made with a toy camera. Personally, I’d rather use a real Holga or Diana.

However . . .

Having said all that, I was at the tennis at Kooyong for the first time last week and was really taken by the atmosphere. A great venue with lots of history. I enjoyed the day but couldn’t help but wonder what the atmosphere would have been like forty years ago when the Rolling Stones played there. I just had to take a photo but didn’t have a camera with me so, out came my phone . . .

Furthermore . . .

I do see a lot of photographs taken with phone cameras that I really like. One of my face book friends, Sam Oster, takes beautiful pics with hers. I recommend visiting her website, there may not be any phone pics there but her work is great and well worth a look.

2 responses to “The rise of ‘Phoneographers’

    • Hi Gary. Thanks for the link. This is an fascinating series. I find it interesting that the photographs were taken using digital technology when it could be said that a lot of shops, particularly retail outlets, are going out of business due to online shopping which has been made possible thanks to digital technology.
      I hope I wasn’t giving the impression that I am ‘anti phone cameras’. There is, of course, always a chance that, some time in the future, I may actually embrace them!

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