But wait, there’s more . . .

Some more playing around with photographs from my overseas trip. This time from N.Y.C.


Brooklyn Bridge N.Y.C. 2009


Flatiron Building N.Y.C. 2009


Yellow Cabs N.Y.C. 2009


Statue Of Liberty N.Y.C. 2009


Chrysler Building N.Y.C. 2009

3 thoughts on “But wait, there’s more . . .”

    1. Hi Peter. Thank you. Having just revisited your New York photographs I’ll take that as a real compliment! When were you there, and for how long?
      The vantage point was from the top of the Empire State. We waited in line for nearly two hours (and this was off season) and when we got to the top it was freezing cold. All worth it tho’. A great experience and I got a number of photos I was happy with. Would love to have got more of the Chrysler building. It’s magnificent isn’t it? I tried from ground level but no success. From where did you take yours? Looks like from another building.

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