The night time is the right time

I go through stages where I try to avoid looking at other photographer’s work, simply because there are times when I want to avoid being too influenced by what other people are doing.

Like most photographers, I like to think that my work is unique but of course there are going to be times when I can’t help but follow current trends, especially if it is something that I like.

Something I have been seeing a lot of  lately is very good photographs taken in the evening or at night.

So, here are a few of my recent efforts . . .

West Richmond Station

West Richmond Station

Smith Street Richmond

Smith Street Richmond

Mundi Mundi Plain

Mundi Mundi Plains

One thought on “The night time is the right time”

  1. Liked the railway station photo as soon as I saw the small version on the blog – “even better if there was a loner waiting on the platform” I said to myself. Then I worked out I can view a large version – the whole thing stepped up several notches, and not only because there is actually a loner waiting on the platform.

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